4 Misconceptions About the Buff Trainer You Can Put to Rest

May 10, 2017 / in Fitness / by Stephen Navarre, FFC Union Station Personal Trainer

4 Misconceptions About the Buff Trainer You Can Put To RestTrainers come in all shapes and sizes. Each one of us has an individual life story that has led us on the path to helping others achieve their fitness goals.

Some come from sports backgrounds and are very athletic, others come from dance and are very lean.

Powerlifting trainers may not appear to be in shape in the traditional sense, but I assure you, they are some of the most fit people out there. Then there is the “buff trainer” who may look like he belongs on the cover of every men’s magazine.

He too, has a story, and I promise you he is not nearly as intimidating or arrogant as one might assume. Here are 4 misconceptions about the buff trainer you can put to rest.

He did not always look that way.

Despite what you may think, the buff trainer was not born with perfect pecs and arms. Chances are he started off as a scrawny kid, or as an overweight fellow. Many trainers have their own internal body issues just like the rest of society. Many also have come from all different types of backgrounds - they didn't necessarily know they wanted to be in fitness! (Check out some of those stories in this recent post).

However, somewhere in his life, he found the path to bodybuilding and fitness. Personally, I grew up the scrawny kid who was okay at sports, but never really enjoyed them. I found my passion for bodybuilding in the Marines. I woke up one day and just decided that I wanted to pursue a path of building a body that I have always wanted, and I haven’t looked back.

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He is not nearly as arrogant as you would assume.

It’s perfectly logical to look at the buff trainer and assume his ego is bigger than his pecs. I can almost guarantee you that he is a great guy. And referring back to misconception #1, because he once had (and still may have) his own internal body struggles, he understands that starting a new path of fitness can be scary, as he was once in your very shoes.

He wants nothing more than to help you achieve the look and feel you have always wanted and deserve for yourself. This is exactly why he became a trainer.

He is an extremely approachable person.

Sometimes you might see the buff trainer performing an exercise that you are unfamiliar with. Chance are you may think that because he is deep into his set, has his headphones on, and has an extreme look of dedication on his face is that the last thing he would want to do is talk to some gym newbie who does not know what he is doing.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The buff trainer relishes nothing more to help a fellow new gym-goer and share some of his knowledge that he as acquired over his long trainer career. We are happy to stop our workout and help you with yours. If you ever have a question for the buff trainer, let him finish his set, give him the head nod and ask away.

His training program is not going to kill you.

The buff trainer may perform his own hardcore, intense muscle building workouts, but he absolutely understands that you have to start slow and establish a solid foundation of fitness before you can progress to a higher level. He will design a program that suits your levels and helps you achieve your goals. He wants you to feel good about exercise, not dread coming to the gym and getting smoked until you feel like passing out and crawling into a hole.

Summing It Up

Stephen-Nauarre_US.jpgSo, next time you see the buff trainer, go up to him, say hello! He understands where you are starting from and what you want to achieve and has the tools to help you reach your goals no matter what they might be. 

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