5 Tips to Get Back Into Running Season

April 10, 2017 / in Community / by Bright Pink, FFC Affiliate

Team Bright Pink Train with a Charity PartnerIs the warm-ish weather still not enough to get you out of your snuggie and into spring training? We totally understand - after taking it easy all winter, you might feel a little overwhelmed by the daunting task of structured training again.

Try these 5 tips to get back into running season and ease into the right mindset to start training for your next half or full marathon!

Make the commitment.

If you haven’t already signed up for the marathon you’re planning to run... sign up! This might seem obvious, but making the on-paper and financial commitment of signing up will provide you a concrete reason to start training.

Train with a team.

Exercising with other people improves motivation and performance because your team members can keep you accountable and encourage you to push yourself. Plus, you’ll bond with your workout buddies, first during your runs and then outside of your training. Did someone say brunch?

Better yet, run for a charity.

Non-profit organizations usually offer awesome incentives to support and encourage your fundraising efforts for their cause. Running for a race charity partner like Bright Pink can score you free entry for certain marathons and half marathons and complimentary access to FFC’s 18-week endurance training program.

Prep your playlist.

Curate a running playlist and only listen to it when you’re running or exercising. The best kinds of music for focusing on your exercise have little or no lyrics, like electronic and techno, but a little “Staying Alive” never hurt anybody. Plus, if you make the playlist on Spotify and set it to “Make Collaborative”, your running mates can add to it too!

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Take care of yourself.

In the off-season, you might have stayed out later and indulged in a few too many Chicago dogs (Go Cubs Go, right?). Start getting more sleep and eating nourishing food to fuel your training.

Taking these actions now will return you to the training mindset and get you to the finish line in the fall before you know it.

About Bright Pink

Bright Pink is a charity partner of FFC and a national non-profit dedicated to saving women’s lives from breast and ovarian cancer. Run with Team Bright Pink and train with FFC for the 40th Anniversary Bank of America Chicago Marathon or another race of your choice.