7 Benefits of Laughter Related to Fitness & Wellness

November 20, 2017 / in Wellness, Old Town / by Natasha Tsoutsouris, FFC Old Town Pilates Instructor

7 benefits of laughter related to fitness and wellness“It is so nice watching you work with Natasha. You guys look like you are having the best time!” a member said to one of my clients, Dave.

When he relayed that message to me, I got all the feels. Dave, like most of my clients, hates working out. I have no scientific proof to back this up but I am pretty sure the phrase, “I hate working out”, has been uttered more than, “my diet starts tomorrow.”

It is of utmost importance to me that my clients enjoy their time with me and that I enjoy my time with them. All my clients and participants in my Pilates Mat classes are more than well aware that they have my undivided attention and know that I have their best interests at heart.

As an added bonus, they get to laugh as I regale them with colorful accounts of the ridiculousness that is my life. It’s cool, though, seeing as I’ve been numb to shame since 1987.*

“Dave, do you think it’s weird that this dude at Starbucks was smearing lotion on his arms and told me, ‘Girl, you got a face like sugar.’?? Five more, Dave! You got this!”

7 Important Benefits of Laughter

Motivation comes in all forms and laughter is certainly my favorite. EVERYONE likes to laugh, even my mother, who grew up in a Footloose kind of household. According to Gaiam, there are 7 benefits of laughter - many of them fitness & wellness related:

  1. It lowers blood pressure
  2. Reduces stress hormone levels
  3. Works your abs
  4. Improves cardiac health
  5. Boosts T-cells
  6. Triggers the release of endorphins
  7. Produces a general sense of well being

“Omigod, this is my favorite Whitesnake song! It sums up all of life, don’t you think??” I said to a Pilates Mat class, and twenty women clad in Lulu Lemon, despite themselves, burst out into laughter.

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Life is stressful and can turn your pickle into relish on a dime. Make sure to laugh, enjoy your time on this planet, and hire a trainer who tells you things that will change the fabric of your very being. Email me at ntsoutsouris@ffc.com.

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* “What happened in 1987?”, you might be asking yourself. Buy me a Pink Squirrel (the drink, not an actual squirrel that is dyed pink) and I’ll tell you all about it.



About Natasha

Natasha Tsoutsouris is a Pilates instructor at FFC Old Town. She has been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years. In addition to crushing her clients and students with her Prisonyard Pilates, Natasha also holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Want to set up a complimentary consultation? Shoot her an email at ntsoutsouris@ffc.com!