Member Stories: We Tried PTC For the First Time. Here's What Happened.

April 13, 2017 / in Community, Gold Coast, Member Stories / by Sam Cushing & Jake Grezcik, FFC Gold Coast Members


FFC Gold Coast PTCYou’ve probably heard the acronym “PTC” before - which stands for Performance Training Center. Performance training refers to a high intensity heart-rate based workout in a small group setting - HIIT, if you will.

As stated in our recent post, the benefits of HIIT are proven to be one of the best types of exercises you can do for efficiency, especially if you want to lose weight.

When someone is working at a 90% or above intensity level of their max heart rate, they enter the anaerobic zone, which has benefits in the form of increased VO2max (the max amount of oxygen one can use during exercise.) However, the only way to increase these benefits is to work out for longer. Who has time to spend 90 minutes on an elliptical?

Here’s where PTC and high intensity interval training come into play.

Two FFC Gold Coast members, Sam Cushing and Jake Grezcik, recently revealed that they had never tried performance training. So, we convinced them to give it a shot and share a little bit about their experience!

FFC: Before you tried PTC, what were your initial expectations?

Jake: I was expecting the class to be cardio-heavy and focus more on weight loss than muscle building. To my surprise, PTC encompassed both. It blended body building with high intensity interval training so it was a great full body workout.

FFC: Have you ever worked out with a heart rate monitor?

Sam: I've never done it before. When I was young we used to take our pulse after intense workouts, but haven't done anything like it recently. I was very curious to see how hard I could push myself.  

FFC: Did you find you were easily able to participate?

Jake: I won’t lie; I was anxious because I’m not always the best at regulating my breathing during intense workouts. I will say that the instructor encouraged us to go at our own pace from the very beginning and I was able to keep up with my workout partner throughout the entire workout.

FFC: What was your favorite exercise?

Sam: For me it was the jump squats. I'm trying to work on my 'you know what' :)

FFC: Was there anything you wish you’d brought with you?

Jake: Water!

FFC: Was there anything you wish you would have known prior to attending the class?

Sam: I wish I had known not to work out legs the day before... I was sooooo sore.

FFC: How did you feel the day after?

Jake: I felt reinvigorated!

FFC: Did you feel like it went by quickly, or did you watch the clock?

Sam: I think that when you are having fun, time passes by quickly. Doing exercises like this in a group or with a partner makes it feel like less of a chore.  

FFC: How was the instructor?

Jake: The instructor was friendly and motivational. It was easy to start the class as newcomers and be welcomed by the newbies and some PTC vets.

FFC: Was it intimidating?

Sam: Not too much, no. I felt like we were all in the same boat and these sorts of high intensity workouts just bring us all together.  

FFC: Was it crowded?

Jake: There were three teams of two, so 6 total people in the class. It felt comfortable and not crowded.

FFC: Was it easily adaptable to your fitness level?

Sam: Well yes... because you are able to monitor your heart rate and push yourself accordingly.  

FFC: Did you feel like you fit in with the rest of the class?

Jake: I did! There were women and men of various ages, shapes and sizes. It was nice to see people push themselves past their target heart rate zone. Ultimately I felt I was competing against myself and pushing myself to be better vs. competing against the others in the class.

FFC: Did you feel challenged?

Sam: Very much so. It almost became a competition with myself to see how hard I could go.

Want to Try PTC Yourself?

There you have it! Want to try PTC for yourself? Email or fill out the form here!  

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