Proof You Can Do a Pilates Workout Anywhere

October 19, 2017 / in Old Town, Pilates / by Lisa Leverett, FFC Old Town Pilates Instructor

Proof you can do a Pilates workout anywhereThere are lots of reasons that I love Pilates. For instance, it gave me amazing biceps and my bad knee is no longer bad. But the best reason is that you can do Pilates anywhere. ANYWHERE!

For example, last week I had a meeting in Milwaukee (where there is no Fitness Formula Club – insert sad face emoji). I had two hours to kill and wanted to work out, but the gym at UWM only admits students and faculty who are learning or teaching and had no guest passes available; so I went to the Golda Meir Library, which lets anyone in, any time.

At first, I was just going to peruse the art books, but being stiff from the train ride, I really, REALLY wanted to work out.

So I worked out. Plonked myself right in front of a bookcase full of artist monographs and started a standard level 2 mat Pilates routine (I briefly considered a level 4 workout, but being sweaty for my meeting seemed less than optimal).

Was I afraid that someone might catch me? Not really. Students do weirder things. Besides, I was prepared to suggest to any roving librarians that Pilates sessions should be a regular thing in the commons area, because it improves mental acuity and fights the “freshman 15”.

Make the Most of Your Time

Of course, I knew that Pilates was utterly portable, even before my library workout – but normally I would do it in a place sanctioned by society (like a gym, my hotel room, or an organized meetup at a public place).

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But now I think Pilates in weird places is going to be my new thing. Sounds crazy, but how many of us won’t even run in place to warm up when it’s cold outside? Now that’s crazy. It’s cooooold! Make yourself waaaarm! Who cares what the other people waiting for the Green Line think?

You could be working on your core with a discreet little Pilates abdominal series instead of sitting idly on a bench. You could do some side planks while attending Movies in the Park. If you make eye contact with another Pilates instructor you can jump straight into your latest killer routine to keep her off your turf á la 1980s breakdancing... Oh wait. You’re not supposed to know about that.

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The point is that Pilates is an awesome fitness system that strengthens your body and mind. Not only is it infinitely modifiable for any body type or level of expertise; but you can take it wherever you go, so there are no barriers and no excuses!


About Lisa

Lisa is a Pilates trainer at FFC Old Town. When she’s not helping people towards the best version of themselves through apparatus Pilates, she is an art librarian and PhD student with a passion for street art.