Try This: 30-Minute TRX Workout

October 23, 2017 / in Fitness, Park Ridge / by Tony Mastrolonardo, FFC Park Ridge Group Fitness Instructor

Try This: 30-Minute TRX WorkoutAs a trainer, one of the most common objections people bring up against starting a training program is they either don’t have time or it’s too expensive. Enter the TRX suspension trainer. This tool allows someone to get a great workout in a short amount of time while also coming at a minimal financial cost.

The TRX was created by Navy SEALs who needed to come up with a way to train in an efficient and effective way while still on deployment.

Using what little resources they had, they were able to come up with a makeshift suspension trainer that allowed them to get their training in without having access to an actual gym. This simple yet efficient tool soon started to catch the attention of athletes and trainers alike, and after a short amount of time, the TRX was officially born.

Nowadays, TRX straps are in almost in every gym you walk into. While this tool was originally designed with the military operator in mind, it’s a great tool, even for someone just getting started with fitness. By simply adjusting the position of one’s body, the difficulty of the exercise changes as well.

Never done a squat before? No problem! The TRX allows a client to complete the full range of motion while also using the straps as much as needed to get back up. As form starts to improve, the client can start to rely less on the straps and make it more of a body weight squat. Many places, such as FFC, even have designated TRX workout classes that involve full body workouts using only the TRX straps.

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Can’t make a class or find time to make it into the gym? That’s ok! The TRX straps are something that can be easily set up at the home as well. The TRX can be set on anything from a doorway, a beam, or even a tree outside and take minutes to hook up.

By purchasing only one piece of equipment, you can achieve the ultimate home gym without having to spend a fortune on a set of dumbbells or other fitness equipment. For those that travel often, it’s also a perfect piece of equipment to take on the road with so you can’t give yourself any excuses to not keep up with your training! (Not that you would ever do that).

Creating a workout on the TRX straps requires only a few exercises, which help to both increase muscular strength and conditioning stamina. Here’s a quick 30-minute workout that hits the entire body!

30-Minute TRX Workout

  • 13 TRX rows
  • 8 TRX split squat (8 each side)
  • 5 TRX crunches
  • 3 TRX chin-ups

(20-minute running clock)

Set a timer for 20 minutes and try to hit as many rounds as possible. If you are new to training, start slow and focus more on form. If you have been training for a longer period of time, increase the intensity by moving at a faster pace, but still make sure form doesn’t break. Work in some of the following exercises for added time and benefit!

  • Core finisher 3x10 each
  • Mountain climber
  • Plank ups
  • Russian twist
  • TRX chin-up


Row-1.jpg  Row-2.jpg

TRX Split Squat

SSquat-1.jpg  SSquat-2.jpg

TRX Crunch

Crunch-1.jpg  Crunch-2.jpg

TRX Chin-up

Chinup-1.jpg  Chinup-2.jpg

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Tony Mastrolonardo grew up in Park Ridge and is a Maine South Alumni. He holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Illinois State University and his areas of specialty include strength and conditioning, bodyweight (tactical) training and fat loss. In addition to his personal training and TRX certifications, he is in the process of getting TACFIT Field Instructor and CFSC certified. 

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